Pregnant woman in white dressS7 Prenatal™ Vitamin Drink Mix is the all-in-one solution delivering essential nutrients before, during, and after pregnancy. It is the premium prenatal liquid supplement for moms who strive for the best in their diet.

S7 Drink CanisterS7 Prenatal™ is recommended by OBs, nutritionists, and moms everywhere. Make it that one little thing you do each day for the health of you and your baby, because you’re worth it.

How to Use:

Everyday enjoy 2 packets at one sitting or 1 packet twice, with water or juice. Add packet contents to 4-8 fl. ounces water or juice, or add contents of 2 packets to 8 – 16 ounces water or juice. For best results, take with a meal. Drink it in its entirety to ensure you receive the full dose.

This Just In!

Some of our S7 moms and moms-to-be recommend mixing S7 Prenatal vitamins with their favorite juice to create a delicious natural beverage.

Mix 1 packet S7 Prenatal Drink Mix with 6 – 8 ounces juice, like apple, orange (high in vitamin C) & cranberry blends for a yummy liquid prenatal vitamin. Shake well. Enjoy!

For a fun treat, try S7 Prenatal Drink Mix with your smoothie freeze it as a popsicle!
Or, experiment to find what works best for you.

Store S7 in a cool, dry environment. Do not exceed more than two packets per day as doing so could result in an overdose of certain nutrients. Like any supplement or medication, check with your doctor before taking S7™.

Vitamin Information Chart

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Supplement FactsS7 Prenatal Vitamin Ingredients


    Folic acid is one of the most important nutrients for your baby in the months leading up to conception and in the first trimester to help prevent birth defects. Most OBs agree that 800 micrograms is the preferred daily dose, and that’s what you’ll find in S7 Prenatal™.

  • DHA

    DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid, is found in the good-for-you fish like salmon and halibut. If you don’t eat at least 6-8 oz per week of DHA rich sources like these, your baby’s brain development could be missing out prenatally and while nursing, according to experts*. Ever burped up fish? That’s what a fish oil pill can taste like, but in S7 Prenatal™ all you taste is the naturally delicious berry flavor. Even more importantly, our fish oil powder is mercury free.

  • IRON

    Iron helps provide a healthy blood and oxygen supply to your baby*. Without supplementation, many women enter pregnancy deficient in iron, while the rest of women may get there by the 3rd trimester. If you’re not consuming at least 12 ounces of meat each day (or even larger plant equivalents, for our veggie friends), you’re probably not getting enough from food. The National Institutes of Health recommends a daily dose of 27 mg for pregos, and that is what you’ll find in S7 Prenatal™.


    Calcium helps build strong bones in you and your baby*. If you don’t eat enough, the precious little bundle of joy inside of you may take it from you and your bones. Think you’re not getting your 3-a-day in dairy or substitutes? S7 Prenatal™ will bring you closer to your needed daily dose.


    Electrolytes help keep you hydrated and from getting a charlie horse in the middle of the night. S7 Prenatal™ has the perfect blend of sodium, potassium, and chloride for your body, minus the artificial coloring and flavoring that many sports drinks contain.


    Ginger… ginger ale, gingersnaps, ginger tea. Not the most portable things to carry around to keep you from puking your brains out, eh? Ginger is recommended by OBs and midwives as a natural way to lessen nausea. That’s why S7 Prenatal™ contains a good dose of ginger in its pure, natural form.


    Choline helps prevent neural tube defects and enhances fetal brain development. If you’re not eating choline rich foods like 2 eggs or 12 ounces of meat daily, you may be coming up short on it. For pregos, the daily dose of choline recommended by many experts is 450 milligrams, and that’s why S7 Prenatal™ contains that amount.

visit our FAQ page to understand more of the benefits of S|7.

Intended use: S7 Prenatal™ is meant to replace a prenatal vitamin. Do not take this supplement in addition to another vitamin supplement unless your doctor has advised you to do so.

Caution: If pregnant or nursing, taking medications, facing surgery, having bleeding problems or undergoing any other treatment or surgery which may affect the ability of the blood to clot, consult your physician before taking this product.

*The comments contained herein are no substitution for regular medical care from a qualified M.D. or provider. The creator of this website assumes no responsibility for information used in lieu of seeking help from a medical doctor. Any person who is ill needs to IMMEDIATELY contact their doctor and seek personal medical services.

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