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Michelle Dudash
With a passion for healthy living and a strong desire to enhance their lives, three moms set out to create a company that would focus on what they knew to be tremendously important to everyone…health!

While researching their new venture, the ladies soon discovered how most people are completely overwhelmed when visiting a nutrition store. They knew there had to be a better way to get quality nutritional supplements with functionality geared towards a specific health goal. Armed with this knowledge, the culmination of their educations, and strong business acumen, the three decided to create and market their own family of distinctive nutritional products – products that would indeed enhance the lives of family, friends, and themselves. Early in 2009, with the enduring support of their families, Impact Nutritionals, Inc. was born and the group was off to the lab.

From the beginning the team knew that “all natural” would be their mantra. With the help of acclaimed biochemists and medical professionals they began working on their new products. After many months in the GMP Certified lab and countless modifications, the team completed the first S7™ product – the perfect and first of its kind, the all-in-one S7™ Prenatal Vitamin drink mix. The maiden product, S7™ Prenatal, set the bar high, as it met their goal of being great tasting, convenient, unique, easy on the stomach, and most importantly, it worked. Moms everywhere cheered because they no longer need to take a handful of hard to swallow pills daily.

S7™ Prenatal Vitamin Drink features the super seven pregnancy nutrients folic acid, iron, DHA, calcium, ginger (for nausea), choline, and electrolytes (to help maintain hydration), plus additional ingredients to support a healthy pregnancy. Typically, a woman would have to take a handful of pills to get all of these nutrients, but S7™ Prenatal combines these into one easy to swallow and tasty drink.

S7™ Prenatal Vitamin Drink is only the first in the family of S7™ products. Impact Nutritionals, Inc. is an imaginative, trend forward, and nutrition minded company dedicated to creating exceptional products designed to meet the nutritional needs of today’s on the go families.


Natalie Hill, Ilene Hill, and Michelle Dudash; Co-Founders


Michelle Dudash
Michelle Dudash, RD, CD, Co-founder

As co-founder, Michelle brings extensive nutrition and food related expertise to Impact Nutritionals. Prior to joining the company, Ms. Dudash ran Chef Dudash Nutrition, a nutrition and culinary consulting firm specializing in nutrition marketing communications, nutrition analysis, and speaking on personal wellness. Key customers included Unilever, Pepsico, American Express, and Glaceau.

Ms. Dudash is nationally recognized as an expert in food and nutrition, having appeared on the national FOX News Channel, and is frequently quoted in publications like Prevention, Woman’s Day, and SELF. She is a recognizable face on NBC and ABC Phoenix affiliates, and 3TV.

Ms. Dudash holds a B.S degree in dietetics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and is a Registered Dietitian. She earned her A.O.S. of Culinary Arts and Le Cordon Bleu chef certification from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute.

Ilene Hill
Ilene Hill Co-founder

Having worked with many women throughout her career and being a mom herself, Ilene has seen first hand the benefits of proper nutritional care for women before, during and after pregnancy. Ilene is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and encouraging those around her to do the same. Since her children have flown the coop, she keeps active and on-the-go with her family and career.

With her extensive business background, Ilene contributes a unique perspective to S7 Prenatal. She holds professional business licenses in several industries and has worked with many international corporations.

Natalie Hill
Natalie Hill Co-founder

Natalie is the proud mother of two young and energetic boys. During Natalie’s pregnancies she searched for the perfect all-in-one prenatal and was shocked to discover there was nothing in the marketplace that met the needs of pregnant women who didn’t want to take a lot of pills. S7 is her dream come true and she can attest that moms everywhere on the run will agree. She knows that there are many different types of prenatal vitamins on the shelves but women appreciate the convenience, taste, and most of all, the nutrients that S7 Prenatal offers… all in one convenient package.

Natalie holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management and has a diverse background in business development. Starting S7 was a natural move for her, as natural as the drink mix she helped develop. She is passionate about improving the well-being of women, because she knows the better you feel on the inside, the better mom you can be on the outside.

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